Thank you for making me look and feel so sexy & desirable. My confidence has been a little depleted of late but our photoshoot totally changed that. You are an amazing source of happiness & light in this world Tristin. Keep shining brightly. XoXo


OMG!!! I can’t believe how damn stunning the pictures turned out to be.
We definitely made a good choice with that hotel venue for this, the decor just makes everything look so classy yet sexy at the same time.

I’m already thinking about ideas for the next shoot. Gotta capitalize on my youth while I still have it at 55…hahaha


Hey hun, a million thanks for your time & effort. I’m in love with my pictures.
See you again soon sunshine 🙂


You have helped me see my body and myself in a way that I have never before in my life. Us woman can really be our own worst enemies sometimes so it’s refreshing to come across such a charming soul who can assist us to appreciate our unique beauty & embrace the perceived imperfections.


Professional, inspirational & contagiously happy. I enjoyed every moment of our our photo shoot. You rock!


Forever grateful for the wonderful experience of having all the attention focused on me (mind the pun) and portraying my body as a gorgeous work of art. I am still gobsmacked at how happy & free I look in these photos. This could easily become an addicition…


Hot Hot & Hotter! That’s what I kept thinking as I scrolled through the pictures from our session. Is it weird that I get turned on looking at pictures of myself? LOL

Every woman should feel this way when they look at their bodies.
It’s so incredibly liberating!!!


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